The Smarter Way to Use the Talent You Have

We help your people to reach across business lines, departments, or other siloed groups to tap your company’s vast intellectual and human capital. Our platform puts the power of the network in the hands of everyone, so managers and individual contributors can make informed decisions and improve business performance.


Easy Setup and Use

Cloud-based Flexibility
Branded For Your Organization
Responsive User Experience

Match Needs with Skills

On-demand Talent Pool
Right talent at the right time
Find, Identify, Deploy

Return On Investment

Talent Engagement and Growth
Cross Collaboration
Business Development

Just What You Need to Find the Right People, Fast

Talent Network has everything you need to increase your Talent Utilization

  • Talent Directory with availability filters and rich search

  • Project Listing with the same rich search capabilities

  • Talent Profiles with Engagements + Availability

  • Targeted Announcement postings

  • Automated reminders for talent

  • Event board (optional)

  • Opt-in network digest emails

  • ERP, SSO, and other integrations (optional)

Leverage Your Talents’ Expertise

  • Engage your global talent across internal silos

  • Build your own internal talent pipeline

  • Be proactive about fulfilling talent needs throughout your company

  • Improve employee retention and satisfaction

  • Reduce costly ebbs and flows of talent

  • Build a higher-performing workforce

  • Get fast results with just-in-time talent sourcing

  • Achieve maximum talent utilization


  • Cloud-hosted and seamless implementation

  • Fully-branded including URL, imagery, and text

  • Extensible, flexible, and configurable

  • Mobile responsive


  • Database supplement, growth, and maintenance

  • Integration with internal processes

  • User support

  • Client support

Work and work relations are being completely transformed. The lines between professions, jobs, roles, and titles are becoming both blurred and more specialized. The way organizations engage with talent will be very different in the near future. Bluespace is a company that really understands this emerging reality and offers a technology platform for corporations to mobilize and engage with their talent in a much more fluid and forward-thinking way.
— Roberto dos Reis Alvarez • Executive Director • GFCC

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