A Rich Internal Talent Pool is an Accessible Asset


Whether they are employees or contractors, large companies engage with large numbers of professionals on an ongoing basis. But rich data on these various talent pools is rarely well gathered, maintained, codified, or easily accessible. This data, and rapid access to this wide talent pool, is a major untapped asset. Firms spend massive amount of time and resources finding talent, even in cases when the skillsets reside within the firm’s reach, yet unknown to almost all outside their informal networks. 

Most large companies use informal networks (with inherently limited reach) or manual staffing processes that often overlook key data points or rely on outdated data in identifying potential talent fits. In either case, the search is largely static.

Talent Cloud allows your people to perform powerful search in real-time to identify professionals in your firm’s wide network with the particular skills, talents, interests, passions, and preferences that match current talent needs.

Don’t let your firm’s talents go underutilized. Connect the dots quickly to match the right talent with the urgent business need and provide your talent with fulfilling growth roles.


Talent Cloud Helps Make Better Use of Your Existing Talent

Quickly fill open roles from your firm's proprietary Talent Cloud

Use advanced search and filtering to find people with specific skillsets

Provide new growth opportunities for your talent pool

Create a rich repository of internal talent data to fill your firm's future needs

Talent Cloud Features

Talent Engagement

  • Maintain detailed talent records

  • Customizable metadata for industry, skills, and more

  • Advanced search and filtering

  • Directly tap experts-on-demand

  • Targeted announcements

Engagement Capabilities

  • On-platform communication

  • News and curated content

  • Launch surveys

  • Information update auto-sync

  • Post open roles to network

  • Request referrals



  • Configurable talent CRM

  • Advanced talent metadata

  • Broadcast communications

  • Content management

  • Advanced search, filtering

  • Configurable workflows

Bluespace helped pull together the right fit technology and team solution for our needs. We are excited to partner with them on future projects.
— Barbara Fahey • Senior Manager, Marketing • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals