Machine Learning's Secret Sauce? Getting Your Data Right


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When it comes to new marketing technology obsessions, it’s easy to see why the likes of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and machine learning generate such hype1. These evocative-sounding technologies conjure images of a brave new world where marketers can sit back, relax and let the machine do real-time, personalized, one-to-one marketing with effortless ease.

'Intelligent' Tech Needs Trustworthy Data

Few of the articles about those technologies ever seem to focus on the need for accurate, clean and trustworthy data to fuel such awesome capabilities. As close as we feel we are to some revolutionary future of AI-based marketing, many brands still do not even have access to their customer data, let alone the people or tools necessary to manipulate it in the way some forecasts have envisioned.

The data is the boring bit, though, so it doesn’t stop people from lusting after the promised advances, or wondering how the technologies could work for them.

Predictive analytics and machine learning are used for many things, and have been for some time. Meteorologists use those technologies to forecast the weather. Insurance companies use them to detect fraudulent activity and for underwriting. Email providers use them to power their spam filters. (Read More...)


AI is changing the Risk Management & Compliance


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Piyush Srivastava (RiskCounts)

In this increasing debate over AI, in how it is good for mankind, and on the other side, how it is going to take away our jobs, what is the right answer?

I would take the analogy of the advent of cars, trains or airplanes, in the times when people used horse carriages, horses or bullock carts. What was the advantage of a motor car or the train? Well, it reduced the time of travel, brought efficiency in terms of speed, reliability and saved valuable hours. So did the creation of an airplane, which made traveling across the globe a viable and easier options for the masses. If we look at the AI and machine learning today, it seems that it is no different from graduating from the horse driven carriage to a car.

Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting multiple areas of our lives, like AI driven cars, back office automations, machines learning to operate non-stop operations and doing tasks in minutes, what would take a person perhaps a week to do the same manually.

Risk Management is no exception to this. Fintechs and Banks are introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in risk management in a limited way, but these applications are also finding usage in the areas of investment decision making that is supported by huge amounts of data, Hedge Funds and Asset Managers are using high speed trading using complex models. At the same time, phone based market making is giving way to electronic execution. Market Makers and Asset Managers are now looking to use technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess the risk of the counterparties from the publicly and privately available data. (Read More...)