The Future Of Work: It's Already Here -- And Not As Scary As You Think



I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Singularity University Summit in San Francisco on The Future of Work. After months of research on the topic, reading dozens of books and articles on AI, robotics, and economics, I came to a simple conclusion: the future of work is already here. And we all have to deal with it.

The Future Of Work: Why Now?

The phrase “Future of Work,” has become a buzz word. (I found 48 million Google hits on the phrase.) There are are suddenly hundreds of conferences, books, and articles on the topic, covering everything from artificial intelligence to robotics to income inequality and contingent labor.

The reason for the interest is simple: we are in an economic cycle where jobs, as we know them, are rapidly changing. In fact, I’d venture to say we are reaching a time when jobs, as we know them, are going away. Here are just a few of the changes:

• Today, driven by tremendous transparency in the job market, we change jobs often. The average baby boomer will be looking for a job 11.7. times in his or her career, according to a BLS study, and Millennials change jobs every two years or less.

• Many of us work on a contingent basis. Nearly 40% of US workers are now contingent and platforms like Uber, TaskRabbit and others have made contingent work easier than ever. (Read More...)